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String Cheese Incident Live at Emerson Theatre on 2000-03-02

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String Cheese Incident Live at Emerson Theatre on 2000-03-02

Topics Live concert

Set 1: How Mountain Girls Can Love, 100 Year Flood > Jam > Rhum 'n' Zouc, Barstool, Latinissmo¹, Got What He Wanted > Jam¹ > Rivertrance¹

Set 2: Happy Birthday to Kyle, Chameleon, Sing a New Song^ > Jam > White Freightliner Blues, Sand Dollar, Shine, Jellyfish > Jam > On the Road

Encore: (acoustic) Indian Creek, The Old Home Place, Elvis' Wild Ride¹

Collection StringCheeseIncident
Band/Artist String Cheese Incident
Venue Emerson Theatre
Location Bozeman, MT

Source DSBD > Homemade Digital Splitter > Sony TCD-D8
Lineage Sony TCD-D8 > Pioneer PDR 555 (Stand-alone) > CDR (2nd gen) > Ultraplex 40max > EAC (secure) > .wav > Soundforge 7.0 (merge, pop removal) > WaveLab 4.0g (levels) > CD Wave 1.93.3 (splits) > shntool 2.0.3 > FLAC16 (level 8)
Taped by Mike DeMartino
Transferred by Mike DeMartino and Brad Leblanc


¹ with Ben Kline (from Hanuman) on flute.
^ with Angeline the Baker intro.
First Time Played: Chameleon (Herbie Hancock cover)

Seed Notes:
First off, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Mike DeMartino for getting me these 2nd generation CDR's to work with. This show needed some better circulation!

These discs are not quite perfect, there are some noticeable dropouts and pops here and there. In swapping emails with Mike DeMartino, here's what I've learned about them:

"As for the shows, you will probably need to edit some portions of 3.2.2000. There was a few micro drop-outs during some of the songs. It may have happened three to four times. We ran a homemade amplified splitter that Mike Rhamy brought for the run and only realized later that it was causing some ill effects on our tapes"

As far as I know, all SBD copies of this show, minus JonO's, will have these issues since they were run out of Mike Rhamy's splitter. I've tried to clean up as many of them as I can, but some (like the one in Latinissmo) are just too big to do anything about without a source to patch from.

Aside from that, this show is *fantastic*. March 2000 was a great season for this band and their fans...

The following is a more detailed explanation of the processing I performed on the wave files to prepare them for circulation.

1. Extract the audio from the CD's Mike sent me (Secure Mode, see EAC Logs)
2. Use Soundforge 7 to merge all the tracks together into 2 single set files.
3. Use WaveLab's "Change Gain" feature to boost the levels up from a peak of (-6.05dB) to (-0.28dB)
4. Use WaveLab to add fades to the beginning and end of each set.
5. Clean up a bunch of pops using a combination of WaveLab and Soundforge.
6. Eliminate some of the repeated banter caused by transferring with a Standalone. (the old end of disc 1 concluded with the band thanking Ben Kline, while disc 2 began with the same exact thanks since the DAT was rewound a few seconds to transfer set 2. Same thing between Shine and Jellyfish in Set 2)
6. Use CD Wave to add the new splits.
7. Verify the files were cut on sector boundaries with SHNtool (output pasted below)
8. Compress the show into level 8 FLAC's, and add ID tags to the files with WinAmp.


Reviewer: Oatesey - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 7, 2015
Subject: Feb. 7th, 2015
I am the "Tim", mentioned above, and am revisiting this show for two distinct reasons.

First, it was my first show experiencing the String Cheese Incident…ever!!!

Second, it was the beginning of me becoming best friends with the man who brought me along on this fateful evening back in 2000 and introduced me to the String Cheese Incident. Hearing "Rivertrance", well….my life has never been the same since.

In honor of that man, he, who turned me on to the Cheese, I toast.

God Bless you, Mike Young. RIP!!!

Reviewer: PastorTim - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 15, 2013
Subject: Happy Birthday, Kyle
This was the night I got to bring a fully candle-lit homemade carrot-birthday-cake onstage at the beginning of Set 2 to celebrate Kyle's birthday. I'd baked it at home in Great Falls, got into Bozeman early, went to a lovely little bakery around the corner from the Emerson and asked if I could ice a cake there, and once they knew it was for that night's Cheese show they were totally gracious about making space for me. Kyle was clueless and you can tell because he was already starting to vamp into the key sig for Chameleon. I know Jay also got it on video but I don't know if that's ever surfaced left. Oh yeah, and the cake was nearly devoured by the time I went back to say hi to the boys after the show. Mmmm-mmm, good. [chuckle...] And as you can hear, a GRATE show!
Reviewer: bnsfengr628 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 28, 2006
Subject: His First !!! OATESEY!!!!!!!
Tim ,He became aware this night , Educational at best! I do not believe that one could attend a better 1st show. The Big Sky shows always seem to be HOT. The show at Lahood Park w/Leftover in
1998 is a great moment in this bands history!! Tim was amazed this night ,as well he should be !!!! Aly was too!
Reviewer: hipschoolpreppy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 14, 2005
Subject: flute is where its at
i think the new member of cheese should definatelty play the flute. cause it sounds like heaven, even more than usual. cant wait to live in bozeman next year
Reviewer: woolfiler - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2004
Subject: 3/2/00
It's Kyle's birthday, which makes for some good Latinismo, GWHW, and of course Chameleon, plus his section in Shine, etc.

They start out pretty well with Mtn Girls, and a pretty massive 100 Year Flood that goes into Rhum N Zouc extremely gradually, but flawlessly, it's cool. Cooler than usual reverb stuff in the first half of Rhum. At the 6:30 mark where Kang usually tries or retries some weird effects, some are cool, some are not that interesting. It's all pretty standard. So is Barstool, obviously (acoustic mando).

No Latinismo yelling at the start of Latinismo. I don't know much about Ben Klein but he doesn't add much here. Could have used him on a Wake Up. Kyle in the middle of the song takes away from it anyway. Overall, this is a pretty standard Lat as well.

I like the flute better one Rivertrance, as well as Chameleon. For a first Chameleon, it's a really good one. Sing a New Song's Baker intro is cool, but not really joined with the song. The segue into White Freightliner is boring, at least the first half of it. WF is standard.

Then we have yet another Sand Dollar > Shine. It's a good thing these Sand Dollar > Shines were so damn good from 2/00 and 3/00 or else I might get sick of them. I still like 3/7/00 Sand Dollar better, mostly because of that intro. This Shine has a cool intro though, although I actually liek the 3/7 Shine better too. Also 2/10 is better, and 2/3/00 is certainly the best version of the song they have ever played.

Jellyfish and OTR don't have much to review, but aren't bad either. The highlight of the acoutic encore is definitely the Elvis' Wild Ride, where the flute is really, really awesome and makes up for previous uselessness/superfluousness. Kind of reminds me of the 2/27/98 Elvis' with Jeff Coffin, but this one has flute instead of sax and works/sounds better.

Great sound quality and I appreaciate the extremely detailed seed notes.
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on 12/3/2004
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